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The Cattery V's The Petsitter V's Paw Seasons Boutique Feline Hotel....

I reguarly see the arguement as to whether a cattery or a petsitter will be best for your feline companions when you go away?

I know you will naturally assume I'm biased to comment but I do come at this arguement from anogther perspective, 'what different perspective can there be?' I hear you say, well that perspective is Paw Seasons Boutique Feline Hotel in Ilkley West Yorkshire. A purpose built Luxury Cat Hotel.

I understand why many of you argue that a cattery is not right for your cats and I would agree, my cats wouldnt go to the cattery either and thats why Paw Seasons Boutique Feline Hotel was born.

Catterys are still falling way short of our expectaions and because our attitudes have greatly changed towards our pets we no longer want to leave them in drafty sterile and comfortless runs/ cages while we are away enjoying our luxury holiday.

At Paw Seasons Boutique Feline Hotel the whole experience for your cats is different to what you would automatically assume from a regular cattery.

Firstly it doesnt smell of chemicals because I use regular household cleaning products, secondly its warm and cozy, cats love to be warm and will actively seek out warmth in our homes, so the shelf above the radiators at Paw Seasons make the perfect snoozing platform.

Then there is the bedding, I went to the manufaturer and hand chose the Merino Wool pads that I use so all my cats young and old are as comfortaable as possible. These do take alot more love and care to look after and wash but they are worth it when I see how much my guests love them. My beds are Wood with a hiding hole for ultimate privacy and a mezanine sleeping top, they have little steps for older or convalessing cats to climb, and have proved an extremley popuar choice amongst my customers who can purchase them from me for at home and their cats who love to sleep on them.

I think you'll agree they look prety cozy dont they?

Privacy is also important and my suites are individual little rooms with a glass door at the front which allows them to see each other only if they choose, because once inside unless my guests wish to see each other they can relax in their own space and feel completely at ease like they would at home.

The suites are well insulated and all have their own radiator and extraction, and are also very quiet and even the shyest cats thrive.

Privacy and Comfort at its best

Then there are the wall shelves that allow my guests to utilise their jumping and stretching capabilities, these ensure the cats can constantly exsecise and can sit up high shoud they wish to?

OK so thats the nitty gritty of the suites so howelse does Paw Seasons Boutique Feline Hotel differ from a regular cattery? The love, the time, the respect for each cats individuality and the want to keep their routine the same, as much as possible, the ability to come out and play and explore and occasionally depending on the individual cats to socialise with one another and play. I have many regular guests, who over time have come to love my cat Lottie and they will play with her and a few will even play with each other now because they know each other quite well.

Also if they're shy I will spend the time getting to know them, I don't have staff its just me so I bond with my guests and help them to feel confident with me and their surroundings. whether this is encouraged with tasty treats or with toys and active stimulation it always works and all my guests have a wonderful relaxing and comfortable stay.

I also want to discuss feeding, I assume the feeding routine that my guests enjoy at home, this includes times and types of food and unless your cat needs a prescription food I will provide the exact same food your cat has at home. I offer tasty mid morning snacks, maybe some tuna or roast chicken or a soup there is always something I can find that even the pickiest cat will enjoy.

My guests go home fat not thin and I would never dream of just letting any of my guests hide away and not eat, I will make it my mission to encourage every cat to eat and feel safe enough to relax.

I think you probably get the picture now of how I run Paw Seasons Boutique Feline Hotel and if you have a look at my Facebook or Google reviews you will see my customers and guests are a very happy bunch.

Anyway enough about me and Paw Seasons I guess I should discuss the petsitter and why I dont see this as a valid option either.

Firstly I know cats are very independant and very much enjoy their own company but they do inevitably love and adore our company too, they also get lonely, and they fret, so to just suddenly have you not come home to them is a very stressful experience too, and sometimes sparks protest behaviour, maybe unneccesary scratching or urination. They might also feel scared of a petsitter coming into their home and hide meaning that the whole time you are away there is noone to check they’re not stuck somewhere or overgrooming or sick even and what if they have access to outdoors and get lost or knocked down? One of my guests used to have a petsitter untill she accidentallly got into a delivery van and driven away for the weekend while her owners were away, it was only on their return they realised she wasnt there and after frantically seaching checked next doors CCTV to see her boarding the van and being driven away.

All these things are possibilities so If the cattery isn't your first choice for your cat then at least consider Paw Seasons Boutique Feline Hotel so they can have as nice a time as you, you'll also get whatsapp updates and pictures so you can follow their stay and you can relax knowing they are safe, warm, loved and have a full tummy........... To book now or arrange a visit to look round please don't hesitate to contact me at or 01943 604820. Please leave a message I will ring you back.

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