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All our dishes are made, with fresh ingredients sourced locally where possible, to support our local businesses.

Served on fine china plates and dishes, what more could a cat ask for?


  • Paw Seasons fresh Scrambled eggs laid by our very own hens accompanied with smoked salmon and a sprinkle of catnip

  • Smoked salmon and caviar

  • Trio of fish -Plump king prawns, flaked salmon & sardines

  • Homemade chicken liver pate with delicious chicken complete biscuits from Lily's Kitchen.

  • Keep it simple - free range succulent roast chicken.


All Meals from our menu are £8.00 per guest per meal and can be pre-ordered before your stay with our concierge service, as can any special requests required to make your precious felines stay complete.


  • Chicken liver, lactose free milk and mint

  • Smoked salmon, lactose free milk and catnip


Freshly made to order £3.50 per smoothie

Mini bar

  • Selection of hand made seasonal treats x 5 -  £5.00 (please pre-order)

  • Catail of the day £5.00 (Tunatini, Meoweto, Catuccino)

  • Paw Seasons Signature Treats £3.50 per pack (can be spread over a few days)

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