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A Day In The Life of Lottie #Paw Seasons Boutique Feline Hotel #Luxury Cattery #Cats

This is Lottie, Chief meet and greet at Paw Seasons Boutique Feline Hotel, My brand mascot and above all else the most beautiful cat I could wish for.

This is Lottie, she came to live with me on 3rd November 2017, she was being re homed due to a change in her owners circumstances and I needed a cat that would be happy to be pampered at my Cat Hotel.

You may be wondering why I didn't already have cats........ well I did!

Ginger and Roger are our boys, they're huge and absolutely gorgeous, However the Idea of being any part of a luxury hotel really isn't their idea of fun, but for Lottie its a little piece of heaven on earth.

In my Blog Lottie and I are going to talk about items such as Cat food, Cat Toys, her friends and my guests, holidays ideas for owners and because its all about the cats.... What its like to enjoy a stay at Paw Seasons Boutique Feline Hotel.

I hope you'll subscribe and follow our journey, please bear with me though, I've never written a Blog before.

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