Extra large Suites


The perfect Suite for one or two guests

to share but large enough for up to 4.

1 x Guest £20 per day

2 x Guest £35 per day

3 x Guests £40 per day

4 x Guests £45 per day

Larger Family Suite also available 


All our suites are very large, heated, stale air extracted and lit for comfort throughout the day.

Every feline personality will be catered for and toys will be provided to stimulate each type of cat. Before their stay I will send out a sheet for you to best pick which type/ types of personality your cats fall into, this is to ensure I prepare the right suite for your individual cats. i.e. The Mouser is a very different cat to The Warrior so its important to provide the correct stimulation for the length of their stay.

Also provided in the standard tariff is food from our standard range, a once weekly update postcard, daily cuddles and grooming, a quality litter tray with either wood or crystal litter, bedding, toys, sensory stimulation, biscuits and fresh water.

Days charged are day of arrival, day of departure and all days in between.

Double rates will apply on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Easter Sunday.

For short stays unfortunately a minimum stay charge of 3 days will apply or £60, to allow for stringent cleaning of the suite and bedding/toys.

Please provide at least 7 days for cancellation otherwise full payment shall remain due.