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Very . Important . Cats 

Boutique Feline Hotel  Spa Day

Why not treat your precious feline to a luxury Spa Experience (not available on a first stay)

This includes an array of treatments listed below, using natural grooming products with a homemade gourmet lunch and a homemade feline friendly smoothie.


Full Spa Experience includes..... 

  • Waterless coat shampoo and massage  (Deep Cleaning, Dander Reducing or hypo allergenic)

  • Gentle and soothing  relaxing paw massage 

  • Eye and Ear  Cleanse

  • Tear stain removal

Lunch from our home made menu and our smoothie of the day. Extra cuddle time to include a story and music of your choice and finally a bedtime drink of creamy lactose free milk and a treats.

£25 per experience

Wedding and Party Package

Why not include your special feline in your wedding/ party celebration. On your special day your feline will enjoy 

 a personalised neckerchief or corsage, an a la carte meal and Pawsecco and pictures, the other guests will also celebrate with them with an a small la carte treat.

£30 per celebration


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