Very . Important . Cats 

Boutique Feline Hotel  Spa Day

Why not treat your precious feline to a luxury spa day which includes an array of treatments listed below, using natural grooming products with a homemade gourmet lunch and a homemade feline friendly smoothie.


Full Spa Day includes..... 

  • Waterless coat shampoo and massage  (Deep Cleaning, Dander Reducing or hypo allergenic)

  • Gentle and soothing  relaxing paw massage 

  • Eye and Ear  Cleanse

  • Tear stain removal

Lunch from our home made menu and our smoothie of the day. Extra cuddle time to include a story and music of your choice and finally a bedtime drink of creamy lactose free milk and a treats.

£20 per day

All Inclustive Stays


Why not upgrade their stay to All Inclusive?

All Inclusive stays include, all meals from our natural wet or dry Lily's kitchen range with an afternoon snack from our seasonal homemade snack menu, a creamy bedtime drink.

Extra Cuddle and playtime.

Daily gentle and soothing  relaxing paw massage,​Twice weekly photo update postcard via email or Text

This used to be an extra £6.00 per night in addition to daily guest rates (single) however it has become too dificult not to treat all the cats the same, so rest assured all cats will receive these tasty extras and lots of cuddles and play time.​

V.I.C Updates

We know how much you miss your precious feline while you're away, so we will provide you with a postcard of your cat with a picture and small update once per week, however if you haven't purchased the All Inclusive package and would like more you can still purchase extra weekly updates for just £5 for 3.